Ed Poultney is a working dad to one girl and two boys, aged eight, six and two

“It’s difficult to find time to play with the kids during the week, although I always do drop-off in the mornings for the older two before heading to work, and I always make sure I’m home in the evening for bath and story time, even if I then have to work from home in the evening. With three it’s difficult to give my full attention to any one of them, but I try to make sure that I have an activity with each of them individually at some point during the weekend, even if it’s only practising reading, teaching how to ride a bike, or splashing in the pool.”

Leslie Darnley is a full-time mum to a 17-month-old boy

“I’ve noticed that playtime not only strengthens my little boy’s mind and body, but also the family bond as we have to constantly find new, fun and challenging games for him. It’s been interesting, for me as a parent, to see him develop through play. As his hand-eye coordination, and understanding grows, he gains more of a sense of accomplishment. I believe there are lots of benefits to child/parent relationship through playtime. The parents need to learn how to be kids again, and to take time out from work or whatever it may be, and just be in the moment.”

Mehtap Kenar Gürsoy is a business owner and mum to a one-year-old boy

“It is hard to balance work and baby time. In the week, I spend a couple of hours with my baby from the time I get home until he sleeps. I try to multi task as much as I can in order to spend more time with him, and planning my day in advance really helps with that. When I take our dog for a walk I bring my baby along so I can talk to him about other pets, people, flowers, cars – anything we see outside. Also talk to his nanny about what games they played during the day and I try to guide her on the games that I think will assist with his development.”