We're used to VIP experiences in the UAE, but RAK hospital's new pampering 'Motherhood experience' gives childbirth the golden-circle treatment. While most hospital maternity packages only include strictly medical things like antenatal appointments and scans, RAK hospital's new concept is to offer a holistic bouquet of treatments, covering everything from ob-gyn consultations, antenatal classes, and the costs of a normal delivery, all the way to pre- and postnatal massages, yoga sessions, and even tailored plans on the best way to help your body to recover after delivery. It even includes complimentary paediatric consultations until baby's first birthday, and all for the price of Dh7,999.

Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director, RAK Hospital said “Motherhood is a special journey and we want to make it memorable by providing every woman a chance to be pampered through our unique concept. Providing a combination of absolute safety, ultimate luxury and unparalleled hospitality wherein at every step, the expectant mother feels special, the exceptional experience helps them at every step starting from the first assessment to delivery and beyond. Our holistic concept provides them education, top of the line medical expertise and guidance while optimizing the health, appearance and well--being of expectant mothers. We help you embark on the miraculous journey of bringing a happy, healthy child into this world in the most memorable way possible.

“And it goes beyond delivery wherein our experts work with you helping you come back to shape with the help of Swiss physiotherapy sessions, spa treatments and other weight loss measures”.

Dr Talat Masroor Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Head of Department at RAK Hospital added: “We put a lot of emphasis on a mother’s comforts during this period. When you have all the services under one roof and the confidence that you’re under expert care, and you will have the luxury to just let go and enjoy being a mom. At RAK Hospital we create an environment that is warm and soothing, providing the much needed peace of mind to the mother. The spa at RAK Hospital facility, for instance, is designed to suit the needs of pregnant women with skilled personnel and various messages to suit their medical needs and conditions. The fact that it’s within the hospital premises makes it all the more convenient for ladies.”