It’s often impossible to think of good gifts to buy dads for Fathers’ Day and, with events and experiences largely out of the question at the moment, the choice is even more limited. So rather than spending money on another tie or pair of socks that he could probably do without, kindness exchange Stop and Help is asking families to instead, “celebrate Dad’s role as provider by providing for another family in need in his name.”

The Covid-19 outbreak has seen many people losing their jobs and families struggling as a result. The idea of grassroots initiative Stop and Help is that families with children who are finding it difficult to afford basic essentials can ask for assistance.

People who are able to participate simply choose whether they’d like to provide one week or four weeks’ shopping for a family struggling to cope in the current pandemic and then complete the Stop and Help form online.

Participants will be encouraged to share their good deeds and celebrations on social media with a photo of their dads and the hashtag #stopandhelpdads to raise awareness of all those fathers currently living without an income, unable to feed their own families.

Stop and Help launched on March 22, 2020, with one aim: to match people in need with people who can help. Stop and Help does not physically handle the collection and distribution of items and does not fundraise, but connects those looking for a way to support people in need with families requiring support. The organisers believe that, “If we can help these dads in desperate need, we can all celebrate Father’s Day together.”

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