We’ve all heard of a bridal bootcamp – but this one-of-a kind event for mums-to-be is the closest thing to a pregnancy bootcamp that you’re ever likely to come across.

Lovingly devised by some of Dubai’s best prenatal health and wellness experts, this two-day retreat is designed to help you to be as prepared as possible, both mentally and physically, for the arrival of your new baby.

A joint effort between the pre and post-natal teams from Phoenix Rising (yoga and pilates), YogaBellas, and the Hypnobirthing, breastfeeding and parenting experts at Love Parenting, this two-day retreat aims to give you all the tools and information you need to look after your health during pregnancy and when baby arrives, and to help you to fully understand and connect to the journey your body is going through.

Providing a safe, non-judgmental space filled with other pregnant women in the same boat as you, it also gives you the opportunity to get to know others in a similar position, and to share your concerns and ask any unanswered questions.

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“If there is one thing all new mums wish they had done before baby arrived, it's to have spent more time looking after their own health and wellbeing,” says Jasmine Collin of Love Parenting. “Feedback from the previous retreat includes, ‘This was perfect before the arrival of my baby - just what I needed. I really enjoyed connecting with other mums to be.’”

The retreat is open to all levels of pregnancy as well as mothers of twins. “Whether you're a first-time mum or this is your fourth pregnancy, there is something for everyone,” adds Jasmine.

Staying overnight at the beautiful and serene location of the Melia Desert Palm (near to the Dubai Safari, so not too far from any major hospital) is optional, and discounted rates are available to retreat guests.  

What's included:

*Yoga - Prenatal yoga & yoga nidra session- beautiful practices to honour the changes your body is going through as you connect to baby as well as nurture and heal a tired and weary body

*Pilates - Prenatal Pilates class and techniques to help you understand and maintain your pelvic floor health before AND after pregnancy & delivery whilst also easing pain and discomfort often found during pregnancy (pelvic discomfort, sciatica, back pain, shoulder pain)

*Essential oils - Understanding the role essential oils can play during pregnancy and labour (a hands on practical session)

*Hypnobirthing, preparing for a positive birth.

*Facial reflexology and skincare-  including learning self-applied techniques so mums can continue their own selfcare after the retreat

*Twins - A specific preparation session for mums expecting twins or triplets

*Nutrition - Pre-and post-natal nutrition overview and recipe pack

*Massage - Prenatal massage or facial (60 minutes) in the beautiful Melia Desert Palm spa

*Healthy food - Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, herbals teas throughout the two days

*Discount on overnight stay for those keen to use the weekend as a mum-cation with friends or babymoon (husband can join)

*Goodie bags

Dates: 6 to 7 March 2020

Dh2,200 + VAT (discounts also available for evening meal options and overnight stay in double room (prices available on request),

Email Info@yogabellas.com For more info and bookings

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