Lactalis, French producer of popular child nutrition product line Celia, have confirmed that they are working closely with UAE authorities to ensure that potentially contaminated batches of products are removed from the country’s shelves.

The baby milk and formula products, including products called Picot SL, Pepti Junior 1, Milumel Bio 1 and Picot Riz, have been linked to 26 cases of infection from bacteria Salmonella Agona which can cause diarrhea and fever. While spokespeople explained that up to 7,000 tonnes of product could have been contaminated all the cases of infection have occurred in France and none have resulted in fatalities.

On the 13th of December 2017 Lactalis explained it has been proactive in removing the batches imported to the UAE in order to be fully compliant with the local rules and protect the health of its residents. As an extra precaution they are removing 9 batches of Celia produced since the 15th of February 2017.

If you have any doubt about your product Lactalis recommends boiling the recombined milk for two minutes and then bringing it back down to consumption temperature before use. Further they’ve provided a list of the recalled batches so that customers can check their products at home. If you have one of these batches in your cupboards they advise against using it.

None of the contaminated Celia products have made it to the UK but several international shipments may have been affected according to Lactalis’ reports.

Recalled batches of Celia products in the UAE:


PRODUCTS                                   BATCH NUMBER               EXPIRY DATE

CELIA AD BI 400G                             17C0012750                        09/11/2018

CELIA AR BI 400GX12 GCC             17C0012820                        22/11/2018

CELIA DIGEST BI 400G GCC           17C0012807                        17/11/2018

CELIA EXP 2 BI400GX12 GCC        17C0012689                        02/05/2019

CELIA EXP 2 900GX6 GCC               17C0012692                        26/04/2019

CELIA HA   400G X 12                       17C0012819                        22/11/2018

CELIA LF BI 400G X12                       17C0012904                        01/12/2018

CELIA PRE BI 400G X12                   17C0013092                        11/01/2019

CELIA AL/NUT BI 400G GCC          17C0013287                        22/01/2019

For any other information or concerns contact Lactalis at

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