From infant massage classes to toddler music sessions and awesome science-experiment parties for older kids, we've teamed up with Reform Social & Grill in the Lakes over the last few weeks to offer a timetable of fun, free activities for children on weekdays in Dubai with the Ramadan Playdates sessions, held in Reform's air-conditioned Ramadan tent.

On Tuesday afternoons we've held a special After School Club with Rock It Science Parties, an awesomely entertaining yet educational session run by Rock It Science founder and school science teacher, Nicola, who prepares wacky experiments and breath taking demonstrations to amaze and inspire children to love science from an early age.

Aimed at children aged 4 years and upwards, kids can get into the spirit of it all and feel like real mini Einsteins by dressing up in child-sized lab coats and safety goggles.

Then everyone settles down on comfy bean bags to watch some eye-opening science demonstrations by the wacky professors, who spark children's imagination with their creative displays, before being sure to explain the science behind it so that kids learn something too.

There's lots of audience participation and interaction, with the professors calling on their mini scientist volunteers to help explain the chemical reactions behind the cool demonstrations they're watching.

One of the most spectacular demos was when professor Nichola told the tale of her tour through the jungle, where she came upon an elephant who had very smelly breath. She need our little scientists' help to create some frothy elephant-sized toothpaste. She mixed together her special ingredients and, boom! The toothpaste came shooting out of the bottle!

Next up, the little ones got to get involved in their own science experiments themselves. Everyone sat up at a long table and had their own equipment to start their mini investigations.

They learnt how to make Rainbow Water with sweeties, and how to make colourful milk dance!

What a fun, educational yet entertaining afternoon! Snacks are freely available to buy for little ones in the tent, or you can even try out Reform's kids' menu, so tea time is covered too.

Ramadan Playdates are running until the 7th of June. For more information click here.  

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