“We had a poo situation. All over him, all over me, all over the bassinet. Absolute carnage.” – Jo Francis

“My youngest kept standing on my lap, pulling the hair of the gentleman sitting in front of us, which was carefully coiffed into a Trump-style comb-over. He was not impressed.” – Anna Robinson

“I nodded off and lost my just-crawling baby. Found him down the back in the galley.” – Sonia Lundy

“My toddler ran through the curtain into first class and smacked straight into the food trolley. Food went flying everywhere.” – Cheryl Ross

“One of mine screamed the whole way to New York – the whole way! I have never been so stressed.” – Sara Ayache

“My daughter broke the TV on take-off and the flight was full. Enough said.” – Rachel Wincanton

“We were crammed into a middle seat once, me and my very large 14-month-old son, surrounded by non-parents. I gave him his bottle on take-off and, as we lifted into the air, he promptly threw it all up – over the passenger next to us. There was literally curdled, regurgitated milk all over him. But every cloud, and all that; he got up and moved so we had two seats!” – Catherine Harper

“My son tipped his food tray all over the guy next to us.”– Deema Hussein

"Our 18-month-old had an explosive nappy, so my husband went into the loo to rinse out the clothes, while I stayed with our son on the seat. While he was gone, the toddler promptly vomited into both of my husband's shoes. Funnily enough my husband hadn't packed a spare pair of trainers in his carry-on, so he had to wear the sick-soaked shoes the rest of the journey! That's a smell that just doesn't come out..." - Tabitha Barda 

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