“I never thought I’d be singing the “A,B,Cs” in unison with my friend in the car as our newborns had meltdowns to try to calm them down”  – Kimberley Kanté

“I never imagined that I would ever catch a sudden output of someone’s vomit in my hands – just so the car doesn’t get messed up (and because I definitely didn’t want to spend the next 30 minutes cleaning puke off the car seats!)” – Anne John

“I never thought I’d be one of those moms who let their child bully them into buying candy and toys. I thought I would be one of those in-control moms. Sorry to all those moms whom I judged” - Ayesha Umair

“I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home mum, with two kids, doing school runs and planning playdates for them, but it all makes sense now” – Rimpymanish Gupta

“I didn’t expect that I would end up knowing all of the Power Rangers’ names by heart” - Ces Cabergas Jyrwa

“I never thought I would lose my right to be alone in the bathroom!” – Amanda Dias D’Souza

“I never thought I would praise a poo… ah, potty training!” – Monica Barten Adams

“I never thought I would be calling my husband at work to discuss our baby’s poo in intimate detail. Who said romance is dead?” – Alana Jane Shields Saadi

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