I get it now. I get how hard you worked to make a better life for us. I get the sacrifices you made for us. How hard it must have been to leave your whole family on an island in the middle of the Pacific back in the 1970s.

I get how difficult it must have been in a strange world where money is needed to live instead of living off the land and sea. I get how hard it was to learn a completely new language and an entirely new way of life as an adult.

The patience and understanding I had not developed as a child were met in turn with your patience and under-standing. Understanding that I would get there eventually.

You gave me the freedom to find my own way, to make mistakes and to learn from them, and you stood by my side and showed me what support meant.

You taught me what it was to truly love someone so much you would do anything for them. You taught me how to be a Mum.

I wish you could have met the girls, they would have adored you. They are strong, fun and kindhearted and i know they are this way because that’s how you taught me to raise them.

So thank you. Thank you for your love, your support, your kindness and your childish sense of humour. I will treasure you forever.

Love, Sheena x  

Photo by Aiza Castillo-Domingo

Sheena, mum to Tauri and Summer, works part time. Here they wear the following:

Dress, Dh1,179, Gerard Darel
Necklace, Dh3,300, Jade Jagger
Heels, Dh239, Call It Spring

Tauri, six
Jacket, Dh179, Mango Kids
Skirt, Dh65, New Look Kids
Sneakers, Dh79, H&M Kids

Summer, one
Top, Dh59, Okaidi Obaibi
Tutu skirt, Dh59, Minoti at namshi.com
Boots, Dh49, Okaidi Obaibi

Styling by Gemma Jones

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