Rimpy Gupta, 34, Indian, mum of two (aged one and seven)

“I was in desperate need of a makeover. I felt bored with the way I looked and, although I’m only 34, I felt people thought I looked over 40. I was also really sick of my hair; it’s naturally very straight and plain and doesn’t suit or hold any styles very well. But I barely have the time to even think about pampering myself, as I’m so busy chasing after my little ones. So I was very happy to have this makeover! I didn’t have to worry about childcare as staff members at Caboodle looked after my daughter in the play area while the stylists worked

on my hair – it was great. They gave my hair volume, shine and a fabulous style that made me feel years younger!”


Rimpy has a great face shape and good mid-length hair to work with, but her very black hair colour was adding years to her, so we gave her some lowlights for a warm ombré look, and enhanced it with natural tones all over to soften the colour. We then cut some layered lengths to create a more flattering shape that frames her face nicely. It was important for the style to be easy enough for her to recreate at home. – Caboodle stylists Lyn and Violetta


Face: Rimpy has uneven, dry skin, with some pigmentation. A liquid foundation with medium-to-full coverage was the perfect option to hydrate her face and give her perfect-looking skin – I used Mac’s Studio Moisture Cream. If you have dark circles like her, use a pinch of an orange- or yellow-hued corrector to combat any greyness under the eyes and then apply a concealer on top to get rid of the discolouration; I did this on her upper eyelid and under her eyes. When it’s humid out, set the concealer with a loose powder. As Rimpy has a medium skin tone, any medium-toned pink or peach cheek colour would suit her.

Lip: For lip colours, I would say that Rimpy can use any shades except nudes, as these would wash her out and dull down her complexion. She has generous, full lips, and could experiment with all sorts of colours and lip textures or glosses to give herself a fresher and younger look – as long as she avoids very pale or neutral shades. Darker hues would give more definition to her pout and deep reds would look great on a night out.

Eyes: Rimpy has big eyes, but they are hooded. I would recommend that she always puts some eyeliner on her bottom lid, to define her large eyes. Applying a lighter eyeshadow on the centre of her eyelid will also make them look less hooded. – Make-up artist Enrica

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Isadora Smoky Eye Liner in Black, Dh84; Laura Mercier’s Invisible Loose Setting Powder, Dh144, Bloomingdale’s; Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Cream Lipstick in Blow, Dh150, Sephora; Nars Syracuse Sheer Glow Foundation, Dh229, Sephora.

Ashleigh Clark, 35, Australian, mum of a seven-month-old

“I wanted this makeover because I thought it would be a great excuse to switch things up a bit. I had wanted to cut my hair for ages but finding the time these days to make a hair appointment requires a lot of forward planning, as well as the availability of my husband to look after my lovely daughter, and a dash of good luck! My go-to hair style was the ponytail and it was starting to bore the pants off me, and no doubt my friends as well. This new length will also allow me to style it in a flash, which is a huge bonus when the sands of time disappear all too quickly during that two-hour nap window. I do love how light my hair feels now, and I am also looking forward to trying all the new ways to style it. I am already plotting my next visit for a mani/pedi – let’s keep this new me rolling!”


Ashleigh had noticeably treated hair that was looking slightly dull; it was time for an upgrade. We refreshed the colour to enhance her naturally red locks, and created some definition by applying a few highlights. We cut her hair into a lob – a celeb favourite that’s similar to a bob but with longer layers to give more body – which definitely suited her slim face. This trendy look works well with Ashleigh’s fun and fabulous personality. – Caboodle stylists Lyn and Violetta


Face: Ashleigh has normal skin, so she can avoid heavy foundations and opt for a lighter, sheer-tinted moisturiser. Since she is quite fair, with a redhead’s typically bluish undertones, any sort of light concealer would help to eradicate the bluey tinge under her eyes. Opt

for a sheer-coloured bronzer but be careful with application, as fair skin tends to look muddy when bronzer is heavily applied.

Lips: Beige lip glosses work really well on redheads as they make them look warm and natural.

Eyes: Black eyeliner with black mascara looks very effective with Ashleigh’s hair and skin tone. I also find that plum lip colours and beautiful pink lips go surprisingly well with redheads.

Opting for a warm brown shade of eyeliner, such as an ‘espresso’ one, would add warmth and soften up the look, making it ideal for day. – Make-up artist Enrica

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Margret Heurkens, 34, Dutch, mum of two (a 22-month-old and a one-month-old)

“I’m a very proud brand-new mummy for the second time – our son Kruger is now four weeks old and we have a very cute toddler, a girl named Mila, who is 22 months. These two gorgeous babies are keeping this mum busy, and I had not been to the hairdresser for the last eight months! I was desperately in need of a makeover and praying that I would be lucky. I knew I badly needed a good cut – my hair had started to look wild and it was obvious I hadn’t seen a salon in ages. It didn’t look healthy anymore and just appeared neglected. The experience at the salon was amazing; it felt as if it was the morning of my wedding day all over again! Getting all pampered! I love the haircut. I didn’t think this kind of cut and colouring would suit my face, but I absolutely love it. Especially because it is easy to maintain and I can still put it up if I want to.”


Margret’s hair needed to be brightened up. We enhanced her current colour and injected some blonder tones to make it suit her skin tone more. Playing with the length and chopping into her hair gave more volume and helped her locks look healthier and in good condition. With little ones, especially newborns, mums often don’t have time to style themselves before leaving the house, so we did as much as we could to give the hair natural body while creating a low-maintenance do. – Caboodle stylists Lyn and Violetta


Face: For mums with a fair complexion like Margret, use a concealer to cover the blue veins under the eyes, as this is the part of the face that gets noticed first. For fair skin, my personal recommendation is to opt for a foundation shade that is a hint darker to create a healthy glow. Opt for soft peaches and pinks for rosy cheeks – but nothing too dark as it doesn’t suit fairer skin. Margret’s face shape is oblong, so she can use a light bronzer to contour along the hollows of the cheek, to the side of the jaw, temples and bottom of the chin to give the illusion of a shorter, sharper face.

Lips: Reds look good on a fair complexion, but as it’s more dramatic it would look fun for a night out. For a more muted day look make pink neutral lipstick your best friend.

Eyes: The best way to lift an eye that can look droopy or hooded is by applying eyeliner on the upper lid and extending it in a winged or upward curve. Curling your lashes and using a good lengthening and lifting mascara will also give your entire eye an uplift. Shape your eyebrows in an arch, like Margret’s, to give further lift. – Make-up artist Enrica

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