This time of physical self-isolation has also been one of the most powerful periods of virtual community, as the whole world is united in an unprecedented way in the fight against coronavirus.

While households all across the globe are confined to their own four walls, the people who don’t have the choice to stay inside are those working day and night to keep the rest of us safe – the delivery drivers, street sanitisers and of course those on the real frontlines in the healthcare sector, who are putting their own lives at risk and often having to isolate from their closest family members in order to help others.

Inspired by the good will and community shown in other countries across the world – from the balcony singing in Italy, to spontaneous street applause reported in cities all over Europe - British Montessori nanny and mum to a three-year old, Louisa Bishop, is calling for the UAE to unite together and clap for healthcare workers at 8pm on Thursday 9 April 2020.   

“On Thursday night the UAE will unite as one at 8pm to applaud the incredible work of everyone putting their own safety on the line on a daily basis to keep this country safe.

“These are unknown times for all of us and, for most of us living here, an adopted country. The UAE has acted swiftly and thanks to its continued efforts, we are all a little bit safer.

“So this Thursday let’s stand together as a nation to celebrate this and thank them for all their hard work and continued effort in this fight.

“From the tip of Ras Al Khaimah, down to Abu Dhabi, let’s give everyone a thankful applause and unite as one.”

Living in Saadiyat Beach Residences in Abu Dhabi, Louisa decided to pioneer this campaign after seeing that a number of communities here were doing applauses every night, but there wasn’t a UAE-wide applause: “I have seen the impact this had in the UK and wanted to do something similar here to show our appreciation and to unite people and boost their morale in this hard time when we are all isolating.”

So at 8pm this Thursday, go out onto your doorstep, back garden or balcony and clap for the brave healthcare workers who are helping to keep up us all safe.

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