What: Men’s grooming destination, Jazz Lounge Spa - brother brand to the popular ladies salon and spa chain, Tips & Toes 

Where: A new location within The Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile 

So what did our dad panelist make of it?

"Let me just start by saying that being pampered is not something that I normally do or spend money on, especially since baby Jonathan started stealing my pocket money for nappies. I’m the type of guy who isn’t above asking my wife to shave my head in order to save 100 dirhams when school fees are due, so when Baby & Child Magazine asked me to do a review of the new Jazz Lounge Spa at Golden Mile, I jumped at the opportunity.

"My first impression was that the spa has a cool vibe to it. The decor and music let you know that you are in a space designed for men. The place feels like a Jazz lounge with leather chairs, red walls, exposed brick and wooden features. I personally don’t think I would want to have a pedicure in anything other than a big brown leather armchair.

"For those of you nervous about losing your masculinity to the classic sounds of whales calling each other on a dark cold night, do not fear! The soulful jazz background music will relax your mind while the professional staff do their thing to relax your body.

"I opted for the Express Facial with head and shoulder massage which was a good choice. I’ve been for sports and Swedish massages but never a facial so it was a new experience for me. The therapist clearly saw that I was a newbie at this so she talked me through each step of the process. I’ve never had something called “Youth Mud® Tinglexfoliate” on my face but I definitely felt the tingle and my face now looks and feels as if it is younger and tighter. She also noticed the botched job I did trying to straighten my beard this week and offered me a vegan beard product that goes on clear so you can see what you are doing when shaving and shaping. I think that kind of attention to detail is what men like me lack and why I should probably use their services more often!

"They offer other services besides massage therapy and skin care, these include bath treatments, hair & beard styling, shaving, waxing, nail care, as well as a hair styling and cuts for the little ones.

"When I showed Lauren the Spa menu she got a little smirk on her face which could only mean trouble. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m getting the torture treatment aka back wax for Father’s Day this year (from Jonathan of course).

"I will definitely be back again, hopefully before June 17th/21st (Father’s Day, don’t forget!), either for myself or to take Jonathan for a haircut in one of their awesome little Ferraris." 


Paul Baker is dad to 21-month-old Jonathan. Find more from him on his Instagram at @newdadindubai 

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