We all have noble goals to be the perfect parent – and we all have the inconsistencies and realities that sometimes undermine that goal. At least we know we're not alone! 

“I give my kid  a time out because  I need one!”  –  Mish, from the ‘Two Mums in Dubai’ podcast

“I think my anxiety  about my 3-year-old starting school was as much about having  less time to do my hair as it was about him  growing up”  – Editor, Tabitha Barda

“I tell my husband off for letting our 6-year-old play games on his iPhone... but sometimes I do it myself to get five minutes’ peace!” – Mum Panelist, Nazish Inam Esmail

“I break up my son’s treats so he thinks he has more pieces” – Beck from the ‘Two mums in Dubai’ podcast

“Given the choice between soft play again and sticking pins in my eyes, please pass the pins...” – Contributor and blogger, Helen Farmer

“Sometimes if I’m thirsty but don’t want to get up, I’ll drink my son’s water from his sippy cup”  - Mum Panelist, Tsian Koussa

“I strategically time my shower with my toddler’s morning poo so daddy will have to change the dirty nappy.” – Contributor, Aoife Stuart-Madge

“Whilst jet lag from our summer break has left my daughter a bit grouchy, I’m secretly never wanting it to end because she keeps sleeping in until 9am. Love a lie-in!”  – Mum Panelist, Rebecca Munns

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