Soft play and indoor activity spots are a lifesaver during the summer. My older two love Bounce, while my three-year-old one can’t get enough of Cheeky Monkeys.

We have a couple of family favourites for eating out in the daytime. Bystro is our favourite breakfast spot – they do the most amazing eggs – and for lunch, we like Surf Café on Beach Road as I love their miso cod.

If I’m looking for educational activities to do with my children that involve nature, I have a couple of options. We’re big fans of the Dubai Butterfly Garden, where you can get up close to all the beautiful butterflies, and you can’t beat The Journey for some good, old-fashioned outdoor play early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it’s cool enough.

And for a family outing, if the weather is bearable you can’t top a trip to Kite Beach. There’s just so much to see and do for everyone, no matter what ages your kids are.

Our favourite summer camp is Ski Dubai. It’s definitely the place to beat the heat!

We live in The Meadows and our local community park is the children’s favourite. We can walk or cycle there safely, and the children can catch up with all their friends from the area.

It’s great to get outside and get wet when it’s so hot. At the moment my children love Splash‘n’Party, as they can run about, climb and get wet all at the same time.

I have rules about watching TV and using iPads in our house. The children aren’t allowed to watch TV during the week but they can stay up late one night at the weekend and have movie night. I try my best to keep iPads restricted to educational and creative Apps only, and limit use to just 20 minutes per day.

My top tip for keeping little ones entertained through the hot summer months is to create an individual activity box for each of them. Fill it with arts, crafts and education activities tailored to their abilities. Sometimes they can spend the whole day making things, drawing, writing and solving problems… it also stops the squabbling over sharing!

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