Halloween comes around but once a year, so for new parents who've been dying for an excuse to snap a few more cute pics of their little ones this is the perfect moment. But whilst older children everywhere will be donning the capes of their favourite superheroes or bringing out a witchy hat, where should you look for inspiration if your child is just too young to decide what they'll go as this year? Enter a long line of parents who've shamelessly - and hilariously - taken advantage of their kids to have them embody anything from mum and dad's favourite T.V. show characters to their preferred snack.  Plus, they've documented it all on social media for us to enjoy! Take a look at some of these great baby and toddler costume ideas... 

Props galore

Nothing makes for an easy, yet impressive costume like using the nearest items to embellish, whether that be a bowl and a recipe book, such as this sweet spaghetti baby from @cindy_made2style, or sticking a biscuit-shaped cushion on your pet, like this cute cookie monster and his canine partner in crime from @brooke_mantz.

Movie magic  

As your little ones are unlikely to be film connoisseurs just yet you're completely within your rights to take inspiration from your favourite movie instead, like @alittlejandk did with this amazing Top Gun costume, or this Wayne's World tribute from @lauraiz. 

Telly time 

Failing that, embrace your Netflix binges with an homage to the best programmes of the year. Both @kcstauffer (left) and @lauraiz (right) took notes from last year's Stranger Things fever with some perfectly realised recreations of Eleven.  

Snack attack 

If your favourite characters fail you, what about your favourite food? From condiments to Cup Noodles, these little babies are rocking onesies that look good enough to eat. (Far left and right: @Fabfoodbaby, centre: @taytumandoakley.) 

Wizard wonders

Bring a touch of magic to the proceedings with some adorable Harry Potter-themed outfits, like @jchavkin (left) and @onedopemama (right). 

Golden oldies 

Has your little one still not taken their first steps unaided yet? No problem, simply incorporate a walking frame into the ensemble, such as these sweet not-quite-so-old grandmas did, from @stephaniehoeinteriors (right) and @summermarien (left).  

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