Busy Bees

Left to right: Dominic, Mysha, Aarnav and Ella

Dominic: Shirt, Dh119, Okaïdi & Obaïbi; Jeans, Dh89, H&M.

Mysha: Dress, Dh130, Marks and Spencer; Shoes, Dh95, Gap; Headband, Dh26, H&M.

Aarnav: Top, Dh99, H&M; Trousers, Dh119, Okaïdi & Obaïbi.

Ella: Cardigan, Dh270, Petit Bateau; Vest, Dh55, Gap; Tutu, Dh99, Marks and Spencer; Tights, Dh70, Marks and Spencer; Shoes, Dh140, Marks and Spencer.

Space age

Left to right: Aarnav, Jayden, Rose and Luca

Aarnav: Sleep suit, Dh105, Marks and Spencer; Boots, Dh159, H&M.

Jayden: Vest (set of three), Dh110, Marks and Spencer; Trousers, Dh49, Blade & Rose at Babyshop; Boots, Dh175, Petit Bateau.

Rose: Dress, Dh79, H&M; Shoes, Dh85, Okaïdi & Obaïbi.

Luca: Vest (set of three), Dh115, Marks and Spencer; Trousers, Dh179, H&M; Socks (set of three), Dh40, Marks and Spencer.

Water babies

Left to right: Zachery, Emily, Jayden and Rose

Zachery: Top, Dh32, Babyshop; Trousers, Dh49, Blade & Rose at Babyshop.

Emily: Top, Dh125, Gap; Trousers, Dh49, Blade & Rose at Babyshop.

Jayden: Top, Dh45, Okaïdi & Obaïbi; Trousers, Dh115, Okaïdi & Obaïbi.

Rose: Swimming costume, Dh199, Petit Bateau; Hat, Dh129, Petit Bateau.

All styling by Danielle Elmes-Hughes