As parents, we know we can't leave all the present organising up to Santa and his elves, so we've consulted the toy experts at Babyshop to find out what the trending toys are set to be on the top of every child's list for this Christmas and into 2019. Here’s an edit of some of the best kid's gifts that you’ll want to put under your tree this year…  

Hatchimals Hatchibabies

The all-singing all-dancing Hatchibabies will keep your kids occupied for hours as they work on caring for and hatching their egg, then playing with adorable animatronic pet that emerges from inside. The egg itself has tons of cool features and will react to rubbing and rocking with noises, movement and changing eye colour (telling you when it’s time to hatch). But when the plushie actually hatches it also becomes a little pet, complete with a series of accessories that will activate different behaviours in the Hatchibaby and a sweet birth certificate to mark down its name and ‘Hatch Day’ date.  With so many different features, the toy comes with a helpful ‘cheat sheet’ of ways you can interact with it and your little one will love discovering them all. Plus parents can breathe a sigh of relief as they come with the appropriate batteries! Recommended age: 5 yrs+, Dh419.

L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Doll - Eye Spy Series 

Coming with a total of 15 surprises, the L.O.L. Under Wraps doll is accompanied by a magnifying glass and packaging layers that together reveal hidden clues and secret messages, including a series of codes that will help you unlock your surprise accessories and doll from different compartments. The dolls themselves are adorable, with several different kinds to collect - each with their own fun outfit, but the game to be played in working out the secret codes is an added bonus, making the opening process fun and exciting. Once your doll is unwrapped and dressed, you can also submerge them in water for an added surprise feature! Recommended age: 6 yrs+, Dh99.

Ben10 Omnitrix Watch 

A replica of the very cool watch that Ben10 gets his powers from in the show, twisting the dial allows you to switch between alien types (of which there are 10) with each one playing its own set of special phrases adding up to more than 100 unique noises. Shaking the watch also reveals different sound effects and light combinations. For fans of the show this toy will be amazingly exciting, allowing them to role play their favourite character and have a go at saving the world themselves. Recommended age: 4 yrs+, Dh104 each.

Jumbo Pikmi Pops Surprise 

Choose from a series of super-size plush toys, all with their own cute persona, and get your kids to cross their fingers for one, two or three surprise charms that could be hidden inside. Each scented with their own special smell, the ultra-soft, squishy characters have a hidden pouch containing individual little charms of your Pikmi animal. A step-up from your usual plush toy, the fun little critters come with a colourful lollipop container that little ones are sure to be intrigued by. Recommended age: 5 yrs+, Dh119.

Luna Unicorn 

Unicorn mania shows no signs of letting up and you can’t do much better than gifting your little one with their own talking, magical horse for Christmas. With a Luna plush toy a beautiful rainbow mane accompanies a horn that flashes different colours to entrance your tots. The highlight though is that Luna talks, telling a series of fairy tales while you cuddle up to her. Perfect for any fantasy fan. Recommended age: 3 yrs+, Dh249. 

PJ Masks Deluxe Gekko-Mobile 

A bigger version of the original Gekko-Mobile, this toy comes with a movable figurine of PJ Masks character Gekko, while glowing headlights and sound effects activate when you push the wheeled vehicle around. With the touch of a button kids can hear a series of their favourite PJ Masks phrases and though the mobile comes with just the one PJ Mask character, there’s room in the cockpit for two more figurines. Guaranteed to inspire creative storytelling, children will love making up their own adventures with this versatile toy. Recommended age: 3 yrs+, Dh159.

Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Plush 

With a whole series of unicorn-animal hybrids available, the bright pink Rainbocorn eggs open to reveal a surprise plush character, each with its own detachable sequined heart that shows a pretty design when swiped back and forth. Kids will enjoy attaching the heart to their bags and clothes as well as popping them on their Rainbocorn toy, an adorably bright and squishy winged creation. Accompanied by a mini egg containing a smaller, rubber version of the toy known as a Booboocorn (which doubles as a pencil topper) the Rainbocorns contain a number of nice surprises and are a fun take on the unicorn craze.  Recommended age: 3 yrs+,  Dh119 each.

All toys available at Babyshop stores UAE.

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