Potty problems

“While potty-training the kids I bought this cute mini potty seat, which I thought was great. However, it turned out to be so hard to clean, plus the kids never actually wanted to use it. They just sat directly on the adult loo seat. Lesson learnt: first try to put your kids on the normal toilet seat before going on an unnecessary shopping spree!” – Karishma Whabi, mum of twin boys (3)

Baby says no

“I forked out Dh160 on a pair of baby sunglasses. Sure, hearing it out loud I probably should have known better, but a mother’s worry of the strong desert sun ruining her 11-month-old’s retinas forever got the better of me. Besides, they just looked so damn cute... For all of the fraction of a millisecond I can get him to wear them for!”― Mum panelist Jessi Walker

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Bib out

“I bought sooooo many swaddle blankets. I’m not sure I even tried using one of them.  And this might be weird, but despite buying and trying a huge variety, we have never really used bibs. I guess I never found the right one, but I tended to find that I was cleaning both the bib and Alys’ clothes once the bib had failed (or she had pulled it off). And why would you want to do any extra cleaning? She naps or sleeps after lunch and dinner, so if her clothes get dirty I just scrape the food off and then bung everything in the wash.”  ― Mum panelist Rhiannon Oliver 

Nappy bin fail

“We bought a fancy nappy bin; such a great initiative in theory, as you can put poopy nappies in and the room does not smell. However, in reality, having to take out the old nappies when the bin became full was so traumatic, and the stench so disturbing, I have since just thrown out all poopy nappies in the outside bin the minute after I change my baby.” ―  Marisa Fraser, mum to a 17-month-old boy

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Sling it off

“Surprisingly all baby wearing equipment! I had visions of being one of those trendy dads carrying my daughter in the latest sling but my daughter refused to get into any of them! We have about seven different types stuffed into our cupboards – we would have more chance of taking our cat out for a walk in one.” ― Dad panelist Jean-Paul Smalls

Pointless pads

“I bought many breast pads boxes after hearing and reading anecdotes from mums who faced embarrassment after soaking their clothes while out and about or at work. Even though I had a successful breastfeeding journey, I never faced an instance like that. Not a single drop of milk would come out without the power of my baby’s latch or the pump. The boxes made for a good gift add-on at the next shower I was invited to! I would recommend mums-to-be not to rush into buying this sort of thing until they get familiar with their milk flow.” ― Mum panelist Laura Flores

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