The Recke Multicooker is a genius time- and space-saver, with steaming, slowcooking, baking and frying options. The closed-lid design means it limits strong cooking smells (great for frying onions), and you can make everything from pizza dough to yogurt in it! There’s also a baby-bottle sterilising setting. Dh649, electronics stores.

This snazzy new Green Star juicer is a great way to sneak fruit and veg into your little one’s diet. The machine’s unique mixing stage in the juicing process enables cell membranes to be easily opened, allowing maximum mineral extraction and increased enzyme activity. Dh2,900, Organic Foods and Café

The Miniland Baby Super 3 Deco sterilises up to six baby bottles at a time, heats up bottles and jars evenly and quickly, and steams and heats up food while maintaining its nutrients. All the accessories are dishwasher safe, so it’s also pretty easy to clean. Dh340,