We’ve all seen the epic family photos fails doing the rounds on social media, where either the kids are kicking off in the background or some unfortunate new parents are being bathed in milky vomit as the camera clicks away. If you’re determined to get a respectable shot of the whole family in the bag, however, there are some easy ways you can avoid the common pitfalls and produce some beautiful shots.

Carolina Falk, family photographer at The Studio, says: “Every family brings a unique energy to their shoot - I love that! I look to create beautiful and personalised images for every family that I photograph and want them to have as much as I do during the process. Lighting and posing are all essential components when composing my images but the best photo is where you capture the feeling in the moment where all other elements are forgotten".

Top tips

Location, location, location. Firstly, decide whether you want to have a familiar setting or something more styled in a studio. The benefits of taking pictures at home or on location is that the images will be a bit more natural and spontaneous in the comfort of your own space. Plus, the photographer will come to you. Studio shoots are also a great option as they are generally a bit more affordable, faster and allow for more creativity with a choice of backdrops and props. Variables like lighting are also easier to control in the studio.

Do your prep work. If you have babies and little kids, make sure they are well fed so they are less likely to get ‘hangry’ or restless during the shoot. Think about what clothes they should wear to coordinate all the family members taking part and bring toys to keep them happy and amiable.

Get grooming. When packing for the shoot, hairbrushes are a must to get everyone looking neat and tidy. Also, think about whether kids are coming straight from school and might have dirtied their clothes – a change of clothing is a good idea.

Get the timing right. If shooting babies or little kids, think about their daily patterns and make sure, if you want good baby sleeping pictures for instance, that you time the shoot accordingly.

Say what you want. Most families typically trust the photographer to take a variety of images in sometimes varying set-ups, but it’s also important to make sure you ask for what you want. If there is a specific set-up, background colour, pose or any props that you’d like to include to get your perfect family shot – then definitely speak up. Remember that everyone in life has different perspectives – and your photographer might not envisage the same shot that you do.

Think about the end result. Another good idea is to think about what you’d like to do with your selection of images after the shoot. Perhaps bring photos of your sitting room or wherever you’d like the photos to be hung at your home, as well as rough measurements. In your viewing session this will help decide on the best printing and framing options and it will also help you to choose the right images for the space you have at home.

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