Pregnancy… ever had visions of yourself glowing from head to toe and looking just as glamorous as ever? Sadly for many of us this simply isn’t reality. But a little TLC at home can help mums-to-be feel a bit better and it’s a great way to get dads-to-be involved. We asked the experts at Sensasia Spa for their advice.

What are the top complaints you hear from pregnant clients?

Pregnant women who come in for a treatment tell us about their stretch marks, itchy belly, backaches, indigestion, fluid retention and general sleep issues.

So what can women do at home to ease these common pregnancy complaints?

Get daddy-to-be on duty but be careful; he must be gentle! A strong massage can cause all manner of complications during pregnancy so any pressure must be really light. Concentrate on feet, ankles, lower legs and back, and make sure you’re sitting up or lying on your side while you’re having your back massaged. For feet and legs, choose an appropriate product to ease fluid retention, such as the Mama Mio range we use at Sensasia – Lucky Legs will ease fluid-related puffiness – and for stretched tummy skin, the Tummy Rub oils will ease that unbearable itch and limit the damage and marks from stretching.

If you’re having a massage at home while you’re pregnant, are there oils you can use safely?

Most essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding are a complete no-go; this is because of the detoxifying properties of essential oils, and if you detoxify when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding there’s a chance the toxins will travel to the baby via the umbilical cord or breast milk. We use specially formulated blends at Sensasia which are all super-safe and have been approved by our experts for use during pregnancy.

Bare essentials

For stretch marks

A combination of rosewood essential oil blended with almond oil is great for relieving the itching caused by stretched skin, and for limiting stretch marks.

For relaxation

A blend of orange and lavender essential oils with almond oil is great for super-tired mums-to-be.

For fluid retention and balancing hormones

A mixture of cypress and geranium essential oils with almond oil can help reduce puffiness caused by fluid retention and ease mood swings.

Info courtesy of Sensasia Spa. It is best to wait until the second trimester before using any essential oils, and always check with your doctor first