Week 20

The anomaly scan at around 20 weeks is a chance to get a really clear picture of your baby on a 3D scan.

Dr Aisha explains: "The detailed anatomy, or detailed morphology scan, is most accurately performed at 18-22 weeks gestation. This looks for structural abnormalities such as heart defects.

"The most accurate time to detect the gender of your baby is also at 20 weeks. Again this is only 90% accurate. So bear in mind not to buy all pink or blue baby clothes just in case!"

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Around this time your doctor will likely book you in for a glucose test to screen for conditions like gestational diabetes; remember that you will need to fast before the test, which takes around three hours.

Week 24

By now, it's time to start thinking about antenatal classes, which are invaluable for information and advice on the birth, and beyond.

Elizabeth Bain, of Dubai Doulas, says: "Antenatal classes are widely available in in Dubai, offered at either the hospital you choose to give birth at or at private health clinics. There are are also some healthcare professionals who offer private antenatal classes, with prices varying from Dh1,500 to Dh3,000. The classes usually cover everything from relaxation techniques and stress management, to labour positions, massage skills and pain relief choices.

"The physical, emotional and lifestyle changes you may experience after your baby is born are also addressed, with practical baby care tips on things like nappy changing, skincare, breastfeeding and bonding.

"Remember that babies can come early so give yourself enough time to attend the classes. Have a list of questions when you attend the classes and don't be shy to ask lots of questions when you are there."

Some providers will include a postnatal visit from a midwife as part of your package, which we highly recommend for new mums.

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Week 27

Your baby has really started to stretch out in your womb at this point and can now open and close his or her eyes, sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and is probably sucking his or her thumb. You've probably already picked up a few baby grows, or started getting gifts from friends and family, but now is a great time to start stocking up on some of the key items you'll need to help you feel prepared. Chat with other mums to see what items really worked for them. However the big purchases like car seats, cots and strollers are going to be high on your list and it's worth giving yourself plenty of time to shop around. Remember, you can't legally bring baby home from hospital without a car seat, so get that one ticked off early. 

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