Fashion-conscious mums who are expecting might find dressing up in the hot summer months a bit of a challenge.  While looser fits might be lifesavers, especially when it’s blistering hot outside, avoid slipping into a style rut by opting for outfits that also flatter your pregnancy curves.

As maternity clothes of today are as trendy as regular clothes, pregnant mums have great options to keep their style in summer. Roshni Shewakramani, the brains behind mummies’ boutique Smitten and a graduate of the prestigious London College of Fashion, says that “Maternity fashion follows mainstream fashion. The key to dressing fashionably is to pick out the trends which you think your new curves will perfectly adapt to”. Here she shares her fashion secrets on how to stay cool and stylish on a hot sunny day.

What’s on trend 

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“Nothing spells summer more than off-shoulder tops.  They are always stylish and they keep you cool on sticky summer days. Off-shoulder pieces with gorgeous balloon sleeves are topping the season’s trends and they can be adapted for the pregnant form.  Our line of distressed, torn jeans is also extremely popular and well-received with all the fashionista mums-to-be. Pair them together and you get the perfect bohemian chic look.”

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Choosing the right colours and fabrics

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While summer is the season when light-coloured dresses dominate the scene, its okay to break-away from this, in particular, when the sun has already set.  “Black was my personal favourite when I was expecting my two angels.  You don’t really have to limit yourself with colours; but you definitely have to keep in mind that some colours are more appropriate than others in different times of the day.  In the day time, especially when we tend to soak up the sun’s rays, pastel shaded tops are the better choices.  Wearing them with white linen trousers or shorts will certainly keep you and your bump happy.”

Paying attention to the weight and breathability of fabrics is essential as they are key components in keeping you cool and comfortable.  “Comfort brings a smile to the wearer so natural fibers are wise choices.  I love the luxurious feel of linens; they are lightweight and breathable.  They also dry quite fast – water evaporates off linen quickly – so it’s perfect if you sweat under the sun. Bamboo fabric is another summer favourite. Aside from being sustainable and eco-friendly, it’s soft and light, almost silky in feel, so it suits a mum’s sensitive skin well.  It’s quite absorbent too and is said to possess a unique anti-bacterial quality. Of course, 100% cotton should make it to the top three.  Bat-wing tops or tees are preferred classic picks.” 

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Maternity fashion staples 

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Wrap and maxi dresses are major staples to any summer pregnancy wardrobe.  They are easy to wear, breezy and cool, perfect for summer days and nights.  In fact, wrap-style dresses are great for the pregnant form – they adjust to your growing bump, loose and flowy at the bottom, and more fitted on the top, which helps accent your best features.

“Other summer maternity staples are linen shorts in white, khaki or navy, with a cute nautical t- shirt, or a denim skirt with a white off-shoulder top.  As summer is also swimsuit season, it’s good to invest in quality tankinis, floral bikinis and one-pieces as well.  Aqua, fuchsia and mono-chrome are extremely popular this year.”

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