Feeling the clock ticking on getting everything ready for baby’s arrival? It can be difficult to know where to start, but bagging the key items you’ll need for the first few weeks with a newborn will instantly make you feel better equipped for whatever new parenthood throws at you.

Here’s our check-list of must-haves for any newly crowned mum and dad...  

Your newborn shopping list:


  • Large baby bath
  • A soap-free wash can be used as shampoo.
  • Two towels (the softer the better)
  • Bath thermometer


  • Breast pads
  • Double, electric breastpump
  • Lanolin-based nipple cream
  • Formula (if formula feeding)
  • Bottles, newborn teats and a sterilizer (for formula, or for expressed milk)


  • Nappies (disposable or cloth)
  • Cotton wool, for cleaning baby with plain water.
  • Nappy cream in case of rashes
  • Changing mat
  • Nappy bag


  • A crib, carry cot or bassinet
  • Firm mattress (must fit snugly with no space around the edges)
  • Sheets
  • Light cotton blankets (no quilts) or sleeping bag (must be well fitted)
  • Muslin wrap


  • 10 long sleeve baby grows (that have poppers or a zip at the front)
  • 10 short sleeve/no leg baby vests
  • Muslin wrap
  • Light cotton blanket
  • Cotton hat (is only required in the cooler months when your baby is outside. You do not need to put a hat on your baby indoors).
  • Small sun hat

Expressing essentials:

Some of the best products to consider investing in when you’re breastfeeding…

Medela freestyle double electric pump, Dh2,205, Sprii

This super-strong pump is uber-effective at expressing milk efficiently, has a long-lasting cordless battery pack so you don't need to be sitting while you do it, remembers your best pump-strength and rhythm settings, and the fact it's a double means you don't waste milk from one side.

My Brest friend nursing pillow, Dh162, Souq.com 

A lot of nursing pillows are a waste of money in our opinion, as a traditional pillow would work just as well. What's great about this one is how firm and sturdy it is, keeping baby secure, plus the fact you can fasten it tightly around your body, meaning that you can feed without hunching for once. Your back will thank you for it! haakaa breast pump

Haakaa Breast Pump, Dh85, Eggs & Soldiers 

Made from 100% food grade silicone, this compact pump has become something of a cult favourite, and is ideal for using while travelling or while anywhere you would like to express silently and quickly. Suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction; the latest version can hold up to 150ml of milk. philips avent Anti-colic bottle with air-free vent

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle with Air-free Vent

Keep your eye out for Philips Avent's innovative new anti-colic bottle, featuring a unique AirFree vent that keeps the nipple full of milk at all times, thereby reducing the amount of air your baby ingests and so reducing colic and wind problems. Having taken the US by storm, it's due out on UAE shelves any day now...

Bebé au lait nursing cover, Dh180, Blush and Bloom

Ideal for preserving your modesty when feeding in a public place, there are lots of nursing cover brands to choose from, but our vote goes to Bebé Au Lait's Hooter Hider range, which has a variety of gorgeous styles and a really effective rigid neckline, maximising ventilation and meaning you and baby can look at each other during feeds.

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