When your little one sits between your culture and the one they grow up in they often become what’s called a ‘third culture kid’, neither fully belonging to their nationality nor their place of birth. As a result their childhood experiences and sense of identity can be quite different to your own.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your expat kid has officially embraced their third culture identity:

1. They think nothing of flying around the world because they have been on more planes than buses.

2. They get really excited about doing very normal things in your homeland (such as using a letter box, going on a bus).

3. They don't blink twice when you drive past camels, but they lose their minds with excitement every time they see a field of cows.

4. They can say hello in a good few languages.

5. They can perfectly impersonate various accents.

6. They can go online and find out the weather in any city within seconds.

7. They have had many best friends move away, but have always recovered quickly.

8. They don't really know how to answer the question, "Where are you from?"

9. They are really good at the 'work your way through the alphabet saying a capital city from each letter' game.

10. Their birthday party invite list reads like a list of the top ten names from around the world.

11. It's totally normal for them to travel with two passports stapled together.

12. When they are old enough to have a phone, they have more diverse country codes on their contact list than you do. 

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