If there’s one thing that the lockdown has not brought to a grinding halt, it’s screen time. We’re racking up hours of it; even when we’re doing school work or exercising, we’re doing it with the help of a screen. And our downtime is no different; half an hour (or four) of shows on Netflix is the carrot we dangle in front of our kids to encourage good behaviour each day and to give us as parents a bit of respite when the weekend comes around.

But when we walked in on our six-year-old watching Family Guy the other day after he’d inadvertently opened the app on my profile, we realized things had to change...

It’s in response to  feedback from parents that Netflix has now updated and improved the parental controls on its service. You can now:

  • PIN protect individual profiles to prevent your children from using them;
  • Tailor your kids’ Netflix experience by filtering out titles that are not appropriate for their age. These filters have been built using country ratings so they are more intuitive;  
  • Remove individual series or films by title. When this filter is used, the blocked title(s) won’t show up anywhere in that profile; 
  • Easily review each profile’s setting using the “Profile and Parental Controls” hub within account settings; 
  • See what your kids have been watching within the profile created for them; and
  • Turn off auto play of episodes in kids’ profiles.

You can now add these new, improved controls to your profile by going to account settings in Netflix on your mobile or laptop.

“Choice and control have always been important for our members, especially parents. We hope that these additional controls will help parents make the right choices for their families,” says Michelle Parsons, Netflix Kids Product Manager.

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