Just when you thought you and your tot had cracked meal times, the baby who’d eat anything suddenly starts pursing those cherub lips and refusing all your healthy home-made grub. What to do? “Most children go through a phase of eating only certain types of food and are reluctant to try anything new,” says Hala Barghout, Barni nutritionist. “This is a result of Food Neophobia – a tendency to dislike anything new among kids.” While you can try to encourage him by eating meals together as a family, avoiding distractions and minimising criticism when he or she does refuse food, the main thing is to stay positive, says Hala. “Be assured that it is a normal phase in your child’s development, which eventually gets better with time.”

Make meal times easier

• Dinner Time is the brainchild of three Dubai-based Swedish mums who wanted to make mealtimes easier for those with hectic family lives. The company will devise a healthy and varied weekly menu based on your preferences (vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo options are available) and arrange for delivery of all the fresh produce you need for each dish at the beginning of the week. You’re saved the hassle of deciding what to make and shopping, but still get to serve a home-cooked meal to your little ones. From Dh320, www.dinnertime.me

• Meal delivery service Health Factory’s Little Heroes meal plan provides nutritious, pre-prepared daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for children. From Dh3,250, www.healthfactory.com 

• Right Bite’s Lunch Box Gourmet programme delivers preprepared, well-balanced and tasty lunches especially designed with kids in mind. Prices vary, www.right-bite.com