1. Helps with reflux

Experts say babies suffering from reflux should be kept in an upright position as much as possible, which is no mean feat for the person holding them up! Babywearing keeps your baby upright in a comfortable carry position, which aids digestion and helps keep acid down.

2. Aids breast milk production

Research shows that skin-to-skin contact increases a nursing mother's prolactin levels, which helps increase milk supply. It’s also very simple – and hands free! – to breastfeed with your baby in a carrier.

3. A mood booster for both parent and baby

Keeping your baby close is a fantastic tool for bonding. It’s particularly great for fathers of breastfed babies, who miss out on feeding cuddles, and mothers at risk or suffering from postnatal depression.

4. Extra tummy time!

Babies don’t always play ball when it comes to tummy time, but we all know it’s essential for development, especially in those early days. Babywearing is a gentle form of tummy time, which encourages baby to strengthen their neck, back and head muscles, as well as develop motor skills when they inevitably start to grab at the world around them!

5. Supports speech development

Babywearing puts your baby at the perfect conversational height, where they can read facial expressions and absorb the voices around them. When wearing a baby, we also tend to interact with them far more and often narrate what we are doing, exposing them to a wealth of language as we do. 

Sarah Lander is leading a series of free babywearing workshops and expert Q&A sessions at the Eggs & Soldiers store in Times Square Centre until 6 October for International Babywearing Week. See the full schedule of free and informative events.

Babywearing emphasises the physical and emotional connection between baby and parent, which is something also emphasised by the Mindful Parenting and Attachment Parenting techniques. Read more about these parenting approaches:
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5 of the UAE's most popular baby carriers of 2018 

With so many different types of baby carriers out there - many of them not coming cheap - it can be tricky to know which one to invest in. To help you make up your mind, here are five carriers that are best-loved by parents this year…

Hana Cotton Wrap

Hana Cotton Wrap – Dh232

A stretchy, breathable and ergonomic cotton wrap ideal for newborns as it offers such close contact, without any straps or buckles.

Tula Baby Free to Grow

Baby Tula Free to Grow – Dh680 at Eggs & Soldiers

A fully adjustable, no-fuss carrier with variable width and height settings to allow for a customised fit right from newborn stage. 

Ergobaby Omni

Ergobaby Omni 360 – Dh795

An all-in-one soft structured carrier suitable from newborn to toddler stages and offering a variety of carrying positions.

Little Frog Ring Sling

Little Frog Ring Sling – Dh310

A stylish and simple way to carry babies from newborns to toddler stage. Ideal for quick trips and outings where baby wants to look around.

Tula Toddler Carrier

Tula Toddler Carrier – Dh685

A larger, wider, streamlined carrier to allow parents to safely and comfortably carry a child aged 18 months to four years in both a front and back-carry position.

All baby carriers are available at Eggs & Soldiers on the Ground Floor of Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, or online at eggsnsoldiers.com

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